i’ve also seen ppl go ‘well it’s not our responsibility to like female characters who are badly written’

ok no it’s not

but at least be honest about it

be honest about the way you’ll create meta for male characters with little-to-no screentime

be honest about the meta you create for male characters who are flat-out villains

be honest about why you’ll do that for men but get offended when someone points out you’re ignoring women

be honest about why you vilify/dismiss/fridge/etc female characters even beyond the bullshit they get in canon

be honest about why, when you create so many transformative works, it is ‘too much effort’ and ‘asking too much’ for you to take the time to think critically about female characters rather than unquestioningly accepting the shitty writing

(bcos lbr if a show has consistently badly-written women, the plot itself can’t be that great because the writers literally do not understand half the world’s population as people)

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Penelope Garcia | Season 9 Outfits

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Anonymous: What's the first episode of CM you ever watched!? Luv ur blog btw <3


Oooo I love random anon questions! You have no idea what you just got yourself into tho…

Let me tell u a story. I was in Michigan at a hotel visiting my dad one day and he went to bed early. So I’m sitting in the living room watching shitty hotel television at like eleven. Literally nothing was on at all, it was either infomercials or fucking b-movie zombie slasher shit. I was gonna go to bed, but then I flipped onto Ion and Criminal Minds was on. My cousin swore by it, but I didn’t want to watch it bcuz I was a Castle fanatic and that was it. SO its about midnight and I decide to give it a shot thinking that it would be a ‘murder of the week’ type case and it might spark my interest. OH WAS I EVER SO FUCKING WRONG! Valhalla/Lauren was on. OF ALL FUCKING EPISODES TO BE ON THAT DAY!!! SO I’m watching like ooooo I like this brunette oh dude what the fuck this is some fucked up shit aw my god her life is so fucked up what WHAT. By the time I got to the end of Lauren I was already pretty teary-eyed and I remember thinking ‘ok here comes the FBI ppl they’re gonna go to that warehouse and save her they wouldn’t kill a main character’ AND THEN SHE FUCKING DIES! BLONDIE CAME OUT AND TOLD US SHE FUCKING DIED NO WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS UNFAIR SHIT? HUH? oh that funeral (by this point I was pretty much a sobbing wreck) AND THE FUCKING MUSIC HER FRIEND PPL NO WHAT IS THIS FUCKING SHOW WHO DOES THIS? WHAT ON GODS GREEN EARTH IS WRONG WITH THESE SICK FUCKS? Oh what’s that she lived? WHAT THE FUCK. YOU FUCKERS NO. And then I laid on the ground crying for like another hour and a half and I was deeply disturbed for about 2 weeks. THe next day I googled Paget Brewster because she was such a fucking good actress and I needed to find out what happened to Emily Prentiss! I didn’t know who fucking Prentiss was 2 hours earlier and then I was on the floor convulsing over her death. Over the next few months I watched the whole show and became obsessed with Paget because she’s a fucking goddess. SO thats how I started watching CM, it was pretty violent and awful…

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Anonymous: Can you reblog the post where you told the story of how you first found CM? I thought I liked it, but I can't find it and was wondering if you could? Thanks! (And love your blog btw <3)

Aww! And yea I’ll go try and find it thanks anon!

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Fab day today at @LALovesAlexs also got to see these beautiful people! @pagetpaget @Vangsness @JoeMantegna (via @WinePlease78)


Fab day today at also got to see these beautiful people! (via @WinePlease78)

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Just started this drawing of Dr. House and I&#8217;m so fucking excited to see how it&#8217;s gonna turn out. Now I&#8217;m probably gonna end up binge watching the whole show again oops&#8230;

Just started this drawing of Dr. House and I’m so fucking excited to see how it’s gonna turn out. Now I’m probably gonna end up binge watching the whole show again oops…

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Just spent an evening with my dad watching Andy Richter Controls the Universe. He thinks Paget is the funniest goddamn woman to ever exist and was literally laughing so hard WATER CAME OUT HIS FUCKING NOSE. I WIN.

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A big shoutout to all the fandoms that have trouble searching for content cuz the show/book/band is only one word

Especially if it is also the word for a giant medieval building

i had too


I have to put “tv show” at the end

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Criminal Minds meme | eight scenes [1/8]

You blew out my eardrum!

#i dont know whats funnier the fact that this exchange happened or that EMILY WAS GONNA RUN THAT MOTHERFUCKER DOWN WITH THE FUCKING SUV [x]

Paget Brewster 34 of ∞

Paget Brewster 34 of 

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ssadrblake replied to your post:your tags on things always make me giggle, just saying

i almost choked on nothingness when you suggested the team would be naked on the next promo pic, dear god!

Ehehehe i’d ask someone to photoshop this, but i’m not sure I really want that to be all over tumblr!

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Anonymous: your tags on things always make me giggle, just saying


Aww thanks you fucking rock!!

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Anonymous: like no shipping at all just the canon relationships and something angsty and sad. About Prentiss or Reid, if it's only about one person or the whole group I don't know. Just something emotional that leaves me behind sobbing and wishing I wouldn't have read it in the first place, do you know something like that?

Sorry I really don’t! If my followers are reading this and you know of some fanfic, can you help? I’m sure the anon would appreciate it!

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