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Emily Prentiss + Gun

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Anonymous: Why do people not like Gideon? Was it the character they didn't like or the actor?

Well, both really *takes deep breath*

Gideon is a bit of a jerkass sometimes. He is so quick to justify any mistakes he makes and let’s the blame fall on others. This shows when he tells himself it wasn’t his fault after Reid AND Elle were almost killed due to decisions he made. Also, when Hotch takes the fall for him and almost loses his fucking job! Gideon also likes to put people down and outright insult them ‘[to Garcia] How can you be so stupid!?’. I noticed this a lot with Prentiss. She’d make a suggestion and he’d put it down immediately and state something else (no you’re wrong, I am right). Rossi, on the other hand, offers constructive criticism and actually helps his younger colleagues learn without demeaning them (you’re wrong, but here’s why). Don’t get me wrong Gideon has his moments, but usually his head is so far up his ass it’s no wonder why he’s probably divorced and his son won’t talk to him!!

That’s only half of it! Gideon as a character was iffy for some, but Mandy Patinkin’s asshole crybaby attitude sealed the deal for me. Not only did he leave CM without any warning (hmm I’m just gonna give zero notice and not show up, letting down my colleagues and majorly fucking the show) he CONSTANTLY has to say how awful it was! Dude if you were actually concerned at the amount of women killed, you would have left right after the first couple episodes were of WOMEN BEING KILLED. Also saying CM is too violent? HELLO. YOU’RE ON HOMELAND NOW. His reasons for leaving and fucking over his friends like that are completely hypocritical so obviously he just hates the show! and KEEPS shit-talking it! It’s been 8 years let it the fuck go jesus christ. It pisses me off so badly that he would behave like a little bitch baby over this whole thing!!

So anon, for some people who don’t like him, it’s just the character, for others it’s the actor, but it can be a combo of both. Hope this helps!

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Emily Prentiss + Peeved to Pissed Off requested by profilinghotly

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Spencer Reid + Text Posts: Part 2 (Requested by multiple anons)

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Seaver Week: Miscellaneous reasons she is the cutest lil’ badass!

Character Tropes - Ashley Seaver

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yes! like, if you are gonna write someone out, do it with balls. let them go out with a bang. the whole, i’m questioning my position and this job and i’m burned out- it’s old.

Yes! It worked the first, maybe first two times, but the ones after it’s like r u shitting me? Blake’s exit pissed me off because it was exactly that, plus it came out of nowhere and didn’t do any justice to Jeanne/Alex. If Shemar or MGG or Thomas ever leaves, I WANNA SEE BLOOD. I WANT THEM TO BE RIPPED IN HALF OR IMPALED BY A TREE OR EATEN OR SOMETHING RAAHDHGDKGlfdj

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/hugz! i’d kill everyone. no character would be safe.

Yea go all Shonda Rhimes on their asses! It’s better than brutally torturing them over and over yet every one seems to live? And now they’re stuck. Because if they go 11 seasons and Shemar (or someone else) leaves, are they gonna write them out the same as everyone (mental breakdown to departure) or have the balls to kill someone whose been there 10 years and is deeply loved…

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i think it would have been cool in 701 if we got hotch calling em and you see the cam pan up from the scar of where em had the brand removed and then she answers the phone


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i actually wanted something like that to happen, i thought the episode of lauren was a total psyche out. like she’s dead haha j/k

As much as this would totally suck in the feelings department, they should have left her as dead until It Takes a Village. And kept it a secret that Paget was returning and her entrance out of the promos. Now THAT would have shocked me majorly, Emily being fucking dead then suddenly walks into the BAU holy shit…

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I was discussing Lauren with my friend and he was like “ya know, what if they didn’t show Paris, and the episode ended with the panning out shot from Prentiss’ grave to the sky then the screen went black. So we’d think she was hella dead. Like no more Emily, she in the FUCKING GROUND. UNTIL, next week at the end of the episode they showed some random woman entering her apartment and shit, then BAM it’s Prentiss. I think y’all crazies would have literally stopped breathing…”

Woah, calm down there satan!

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Emily Prentiss+ Interrogation Rooms

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